December 18, 2009

Christmas Failure

Much failure in my posts lately. I have to admit, I feel like a bit of a Christmas failure this year. Not only is my house not decorated for Christmas, it's not even clean. What is it that everybody else gets that I don't? Did I miss the decorate-y gene? The good housewife gene? I visit my friend's houses and everything is all organized, no clutter, no random cat toys strewn across the floor, all of their wedding pictures are catelogued in a picturesque album and framed and hanging nicely on the wall. I'm creative. I'm resourceful. So why is it my house never manages to look better than "tidy". Why does my laundry pile up like crazy in our bedroom? What do other people do-- hide their laundry? Never dirty a dish? I have a definite case of the not-good-enoughs today. My blog isn't good enough. My knitting isn't good enough. Something lacking in my sense of style. My cooking. My singing.
*smacks herself*
Ok, that's better.


Sara said...

Join the club!

Wilma Fingerdu said...

My house is always a mess so i understand!

Anonymous said...

Whatever gene you're missing, I'm missing that one, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey - I'm missing that gene too! Join the club. I was actually putting the vacuum into the closet as my guests were arriving for Christmas. Phew! At least I had it done. Don't think I've vacuumed since then either. ;)