February 19, 2010

What've you been doing lately?

After a long and frustrating battle with fair-isle gloves (which I eventually lost), my knitting life has enjoyed a vibrant resurgance in the past few weeks. For Valentine's Day, Husband recieved a hat, made in two hours no less!
I used Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, which I have decided is my new favorite yarn because it is both super soft and super SUPER fast! I actually made two hats between the evening of the 13th and Valentine's Day-- on the first one I somehow calculated the gauge wrong and ended up with a hat that was 30" in circumfrance! No one has a head that big! So, I ripped it back and whipped out this baby in no time flat.

Also for Valentine's day, I crocheted this little envelope. It's really not that exciting, except that I had asked a question about it on a Ravelry board and it was answered in Episode 60 of Yarncraft. I thought that was pretty cool-- Hey Mom, they said my name on a podcast! I put two little Reeses Hearts in it and gave to my Honey along with the hat. I'm not exactly sure what he's going to do with a purple crocheted envelope, but I'm sure he'll come up with something creative.

Going back to the end of January, I made these little handwarmers out of some amazing expensive yarn that was given to me on Ravelry. It's a wool-silk blend, which makes them delicously soft and super warm. They're a little delicate, however and don't handle my everyday wear and tear very well. I am a little rough on garments. I'll have to be more gentle with them. Maybe give them a nice bath in some wool soak.

My next big project a sweater. I know, I know, a sweater is big and scary, but I am using fast yarn and big needles, so at least if it's aweful I won't have slaved over it for months just to discover that it won't fit. I'm using Lion Brand Hometown USA in color Washington Denim. It's kind of slate blue. I think I like it, but by the end of the project, I'll either love it or think it's the ugliest color ever. We'll have to see how it goes. I'm also not using a super-fancy expensive yarn for the same reason stated above-- at least if it sucks, I won't have wasted yards and yards of precious fiber. This sweater is kind of a test run. If it turns out well, maybe I'll try a nicer yarn and more sophistocated patern.

That's all. Diego and Carmel say goodnight.

February 6, 2010

There's No Place Like Dome

...and other innovative ways to decorate your small space.

Culva Canopy Bed $1,790

Super cool. Not particularly practical. Also, if you can afford this bed, you can afford a bigger apartment. Seriously.

FUSION table and 4 chairs $299

Affordable and cute. It kind of looks like a little box when all of the chairs are pushed in. It's a bento box table!

Multi Pack Desk and Hutch $251
I definitely need a desk like this. It would be slightly cooler if it had drawers. However the green color puts you an instant state of zen, causing you to overlook any shortcomings.

February 4, 2010

Goal Updates

1. Move to Colorado. I have set definite dates for my first visit and Husband and I have begun to call moving companies to get a hold on how much it will cost to move all of crap across the country. I must say I was really shocked. It starts at $1100 and goes up from there. Maybe we sell all of our worldly possesions and live in solidarity with the poor for the first few months.

2. Develop and publish my own yarncrafting designs. I have been making preliminary sketches and done some preliminary swatching as well. I have several good ideas--my biggest obstacle now is being able to afford the yarn for my prototypes. Finding the right yarn is tricky, too, because I have some very specific colors and gauges in mind, so finding the yarn that fits the bill can be a challenge. Also, I have been watching Project Runway. I'm not sure how that relates, but I thought it could count towards my goal in a designer-y way.

3. Blog once a week. We're here, aren't we? My cats knocked over a glass of water near my camera dock, so the pictures might not happen for a while, but I can still entertain you all with my dazzling wit.