December 9, 2009


So, the NaNoWriMo thing was a failure. This year at least. I think it was because my novel was boring and I hated my characters. I kept trying to make them do interesting things, but then they just became whiney and I hated them more. So maybe next year, I'll write a fantasy novel. I can see that being more feasable for me. That way, if things get boring, I can just send a hostile race of aliens to attack the planet, causing interesting story lines for all!
I am so close to finishing the Christmas Present. I really wish I could blog ablout it because it would make such good blog knitting, but unfortunately, the recipient reads this blog (in fact, I think she's the only one..) and so therefore, no details can be disclosed until Present is actually finished and delivered.
In the meantime, I knit a lace hat, of which there can be no pictures because I have no camera. I mean, I have my Blackberry camera, but it does not take very good pictures. I'm a little ashamed of them. I have been looking at digital cameras (to get for my husband, of course) but they are a tad bit expensive. I seem to remember them being cheaper, but then again, the last camera I owned was 4 mexapixels. The ones in the store have like 10.
Anyway, perhaps by next post, Present will done, Camera will attained, and Novel Failure will be forgotten. A girl can dream...

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Jin-roh said...

I think it is amazing that you called your characters whiny. When my characters get whiny, I make fun of them.