December 12, 2009

UBER FAILURE!!! and an Interesting Twist

Pehaps my last blog was a little too prophtic. Perhaps I should not have included Christmas Present in a failure blog. After working many hours on said Present, I felt I was near the finish line. I pulled out the whole thing in my exhuberance to show my husband and in that shocking moment, I saw it.
A Fatal Flaw.
The kind of flaw that can not be remidied by ripping back or clever finishing.
This kind of flaw requires complete Starting Over.
At this discovery, I was depressed.
My husband bought me a pizza.
I am now rethinking the entire Present and hopefully the re-vamped version will be ready by Christmas. This will probably require me to knit every waking moment until Christmas, but hey. I'm a knitter. I like to knit. IT CAN BE DONE!
And anyway, this is how I function. Deadlines. Pressure. Good for Stephanie.

As for the twist...
My parents were divorced when I was a baby. My dad is not the sort of person with whom it is healthy or even really feasible to have a relationship. As a result, I really don't know anyone or anything about his side of the family.
Until yesterday.
Yesterday, I recieved a Friend Request and a Facebook message from a woman who turns out to be my Aunt. It turns out I am the only girl child from all of my dad's siblings, therefore, her only niece. She had been looking for me and for my brother for a while, but since my maiden name is so common, she had not had much luck. In the end, however, it was my middle name provided the clue.
My middle name is Omeda. I have never met anyone in my life with that name, middle or otherwise. I used my middle initial on my Target registry, which apparently appeared when my name was Googled. From then, it was a quick Facebook search and TaDa! A Connection!
We exchanged a few messages and then talked last night on the phone. It was a great expirience, although the thought of having a whole 'nother family is a bit overwhelming. She might visit before the end of the month (on an already-planned California vacation).
So. There you go. If you attempt to contact me before Christmas, I can't talk to you. I will be knitting.

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the wonder that's keeping the stars apart said...

Wow. That's CRAZY, Steph--I'll call you soon.

and about the present--I think it would also make a very lovely Valentine's Day present. Don't stress.