August 26, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

... I still exist! Isn't it crazy how the days fly by? And how things change? I was reading back at the begining of the blog, and in January, I had plans to blog every week (didn't happen), move to Colorado (on the back burner), and publish my knit wear designs (might still happen).
I got a really great raise in March, which allowed for extended stay in California. Forever? I'm not sure. I really fell in love with the Springs when I was there and can't wait to go back in September.
Me at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO March 2010
My best friend Stacia and I at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO March 2010
On the knitting front, I made considerable progress on a new sweater in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky, which I really love working with, but then it got way to hot to even consider having a large pile of wool on my lap, so I've set that one aside for now. I went to go back to it the other day and couldn't remember where I was in it, so I will have to return to it when I have a little more time to focus.
For now, I'm involved in two swaps-- a Lion Brand swap and a Vanna's Choice Afghan Swap called Rainbow Connection. For the first one, my partner is from the Bronx and I will send her one item knit with a Lion Brand yarn (already complete!) and then some goodies in the same color. I will post some more details once I've sent it to her, so I know I won't spoil the surprise.
The second one is a little more complicated but super cool. This is how it works:
You join a swap that is open and interesting to you. They have different themes like George Clooney (manly colors) or Carribean (tropical colors).
Idealy it is you and twelve other people. You each make 12 squares in the colors designated and send one to each person. Then, at the end, you have twelve and sew them all together and have a blanket-- tada!
Before all this swapping madness, I had kind of fallen behind in my knitting. Here are the last few things I made:
A handbag with a badly sewn zipper
A cotton teddy bear with a big heart
A hat, also with a big heart.
That's all for now...