April 10, 2009

Blogging again...

So, I really need more friends. I mean, I have friends, but all of my close ones live out of state. So I sit in Starbucks, wanting to steal other people's friends.
There are two girls sitting in front of my talking about a wedding. "I'm getting married, too!" I want to exclaim and pull up my chair to their table.
Behind me is a college guy, who I think is trying to be smooth with a cute Asian girl. "Do you know who Dr. Phil is?" he asks. "I know! I know who Dr. Phil is," I long to interject and volunteer every random fact I know about America's favorite pop psychologist.
But of course I don't.
Certainly not the most exciting thing that has happened recently, but something exciting, none-the-less, is that I have started crocheting! Yay!
This is my first attempt:
It actually turned out pretty well. I was pleased, especially since I've tried to crochet on and off over the years and it just never really caught on. For some reason, though, this time it just stuck.
Well, folks... that's all for now...