September 3, 2010

Squuuuuuaaaaare ONE!

Please, someone else tell me you remember this...

*cue music*

This was probably the most interested in math I ever was or will ever be again in my life.

Today's video brought to you by my first square in the Rainbow Connections swap on Ravelry.

It didn't really take any time to knit up, except for the mitered corners. I wasn't sure how many stiches to pick up. Remember, math is not really my strong point, despite my dogged devotion to Square One as a child.... I mostly just liked the songs....
After a few tries I was happy with the result. A purple single crochet border really rounded things off and made it neat.
I'm not a big fan of my color sequence, however. I didn't really think it through before going for it and also, since this is my first square, I wasn't sure how the colors would look together. The yellow really stands out. In future squares I'm going to try and use this to my advantage, as I fear it could be a distraction.
Next square is an entrelac square. I used my garter stitch gauge as a jumping off point for how many stitches to cast on, but seeing how garter is completely different from stockinette and how entrelac itself is just plain weird, I have no idea what the actual gauge will be. I guess we'll find out! :-)