February 4, 2010

Goal Updates

1. Move to Colorado. I have set definite dates for my first visit and Husband and I have begun to call moving companies to get a hold on how much it will cost to move all of crap across the country. I must say I was really shocked. It starts at $1100 and goes up from there. Maybe we sell all of our worldly possesions and live in solidarity with the poor for the first few months.

2. Develop and publish my own yarncrafting designs. I have been making preliminary sketches and done some preliminary swatching as well. I have several good ideas--my biggest obstacle now is being able to afford the yarn for my prototypes. Finding the right yarn is tricky, too, because I have some very specific colors and gauges in mind, so finding the yarn that fits the bill can be a challenge. Also, I have been watching Project Runway. I'm not sure how that relates, but I thought it could count towards my goal in a designer-y way.

3. Blog once a week. We're here, aren't we? My cats knocked over a glass of water near my camera dock, so the pictures might not happen for a while, but I can still entertain you all with my dazzling wit.


Jin-roh said...

Very cool!

I will be, for sure, going to Colorado for my spring break. It will be fun.

Stephanie said...

When is your spring break? I will be there March 25-30...