September 11, 2009

Finally Friday

I must say, this has been quite the challenging week. Why is it that whenever I tell people we're poor, they say, "well that's ok, you guys are young, you just got married, it's supposed to be that way." That may be, but the managers of our appartment building expect a rent check, not a note that says, "We're young and supposed to be poor." I understand now why they say that money is one of the number one things married people fight about. We don't fight about money, exactly, but more because of money. It just builds up so much tension that we fight about other stupid things before we both admit that we are just cranky about money. It's strange, though, the Lord is still kind to me, and I think somehow we're going to make it. Tight, but we'll make it. I can't wait until September is over.
As for knitting projects, I have finished my husband scarf. I was very pleased with the way the double-knitting section turned out. K1P1 rib transitions very nicely into double knitting without much apparent disruption of the fabric. I will remember this for the future.
Manny scarf
At this time, I am half-heartedly working on a log cabin blanket, mostly to keep my hands busy while I look for other, more interesting projects.

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Jin-roh said...

I feel for you about the money thing. I can understand how rough it is, because it stresses me out as a mere single person.