March 19, 2010

Two Sweaters

Gosh, where does the time go? Manybe I should revise my goal to blogging once a month, as that seems to be the trend here. I also will not be moving to Colorado this year, but possibly next year, as we are attempting to save up some money.

In recent news, I have finished my first sweater! It actually only took me about ten days to knit, and that wasn't even working on it every day. The fact that I used size 13 needles might have helped! The yarn wasn't the fanciest--Lion Brand Hometown USA, which is 100% acrylic--however, it worked up really nice and was super soft and drapey after I washed it. I really just wanted the expirience of sweater-making without the huge investment and I think it turned out pretty well. Of course, the temperatures are now in the 80's in beautiful Southern California, but oh well. It will be nice for next winter and also for next week, when I fly to Colorado Springs to see Stacia! Woo!

While browsing sweaters on Ravelry, I came upon this beauty. I have to say, this is a really impressive piece of knitting. Instarsia is kind of tricky in the first place, but facial renderings are especially difficult. Just in case you wanted to have a giant picture of President Obama's face on your chest-- now you can! My question is... why would you want to?

Equally impressive is this guy. A true feat of not only knitting, but design skill. Although I am not an active supporter of our President or his policies, I am almost tempted to try this one, just to see if I could do it.

"Obama-rama" sweater designed and knit by Laura Birek. "Inspiration" scarf designed and knit by Laura Chamberlain.


Katili said...

Nice work! I haven't yet braved a sweater, though I have some yarn on the way for my first cardigan. I'm kind of scared hehe.

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater! I haven't been able to finish one yet.

Jin-roh said...

I can't wait until I finish knitting my first sweater!